Welcome to Barry Community Water Activity Centre

Creoesi i Canolfan Gweithgareddau Dŵr Cymuned y Barri

Currently operating from temporary facilities for local organisations, the centre’s aim is to source fundraising to construct a purpose built facility that will not only benefit the local organisations but also local Schools, Youth Clubs and the general public giving them access to carry out activities on the water.

Details of our rules and regulations, together with membership application forms can be found on the Membership Page.

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2024 Season Opens

The Vale of Glamorgan’s Levelling Up bid was successful last November but because of rising costs has had to be modified and the modifications have o be approved by central government. We expect this decision by the end of April. One of the modifications was that the Centre should remain on the Mole, as this would save the cost of building a slipway. It does mean, however, that there may be some disruption to our activities while things are built. Given the time that planning will take we do not expect this to impact operations this season. As soon as we know something we will have an Open Meeting to let you know what is happening, I would anticipate this beng mid May (probably).

Meanwhile, the season has opened with Island SUP Club holding a course to get young people stand up paddleboarding. Bridgend Canoe Club are working hard on re-decking their canoe polo pool and Barry Athletic Coastal Rowing Club continue to be active. The Sea Cadets will be running a recruitment drive and wil return to the Centre on April 8th. Please let us know about these sort of activity as they are vital in demonstrating to bodies how active and vital we are. Or you can support the centre with a donation – please use our Gift Aid Form if you can.

Remember, if you want to visit the centre you must contact either the manager or the secretary beforehand and fill out the register in reception or complete This Form.

The Teaching Room and kitchen are being kept locked, if you need access them contact the manager . Both outside loos are available if you are wet, the inside toilets and changing rooms are open. Please remember that we are a volunteer run organisation and leave things as you would like to find them, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to use the vacuum cleaner after your visit.

Feedback and comments

Words from some of our users and potential users.

Would be lovely to be sailing in Barry Waterfront. Learned to sail & race dinghies there 36 years ago. #buildbarrymarina
Paul via Twitter
Hey Barry people, support and follow Barry Community Water Activity Centre and we will have a fab place on the Waterfront Pride in Barry
Pride in Barry
Exciting to see that things are starting to happen on the mole!
Emma via Twitter
Great to join BCWAC volunteers & trustees today working to clear the site for new Barry Watersports Centre
Chris via Twitter