This Form can be used to record your visit, so that you do not need to enter the building in order to use the book. (All visits MUST be recorded). It does not negate the need for you to contact the Manager and book your visit beforehand. The Manager will be informed if the form is sent in beforehand.

Membership and Special Booking forms are below. Please note that membership runs to April 1st.

Group Membership Form

Leisure Club (Individual) Membership Form

Your Obligations ( to be returned with group membership)

Special Event Booking Form

Craft Registration Form (for Groups)


Local operating procedures

Additional Covid19 Rules

Before using the centre groups must let us know who their Covid Officer is and share their Covid Risk Assessment with us, as per Welsh Government Advice.

Risk assessment

Covid19 Risk Assessment

Safeguarding policy (PDF)

Slipway Safety Policy (PDF)

Water licence agreement (PDF)