Barry Community Water Activity Centre

is the operating name of the Ocean Watersports Trust Vale of Glamorgan (OWT) which is a charitable incorporated organisation registered with the Charity Commission No 1157946. It is governed by its constitution.

OWT Trustees


  • To oversee the setting up and Running of a Watersports facility at No 1 Dock – Barry
  • Trustee officials are ex-officio of all Groups and Committees


  • Negotiate & sign agreements with ABP for Use of the Docks And Land
  • Set Up organisation to achieve its Aims
  • Lead negotiations for finances and Grants


Management Committee


  • To administer trustees instructions
  • Prepare the Business Plan & Critical Path Analysis
  • To research, identify & pursue grants available
  • Identify future facilities and Users for the Final Vision
  • Control Finances of the Facilities
  • Prepare with Ops group H&S and Risk Policies for safe operation.
  • To deal with activity/personnel problems etc
  • Obtain Planning approvals and identify legal matters compliance