Our vision

The OWT’s vision for the BARRY COMMUNITY WATER ACTIVITIES CENTRE is that it will be available to all.

The project can now proceed as we have obtained the necessary water Licence with Associated British Ports who own Barry Docks and agreement for a long term lease, when we have the finance and planning in place.

We envisage that the voluntary groups, will have unlimited access to the facilities for an annual fee, so long as they utilise their own craft, and have the necessary qualified instructors.
We have already had interest from other interested groups who are anxious to get involved in utilising the facilities as soon as possible.

The four Lifeguard Clubs in the Vale, train throughout the year with their canoes/surf boards.
The local Sprint Kayakers have also indicated they wish to be able to train on the dock.
The Intersensory Club of Barry, who already have a suitable boat for wheelchair bound persons, to be able to board from a ramp, and experience ‘life afloat’ have contacted us to ask when they will be able to transfer to using the new facility.

To make the project financially viable we need it to be used regularly by fee paying clients.
We have identified 80 local organisations who we plan to contact, to assess their interested in utilising the facilities at cost when available, and these include:-


Some 11 Welsh Education Authorities like Cardiff and Pembroke have a policy of combining with Welsh Sailing Association so that all school children to have the opportunity of experiencing Water activities.

We consider it a prime aim to get Vale of Glamorgan Council to adopt such a policy.
With the increase in leaving age from education, we anticipate that Water activities including sailing. can be very beneficial for an alternative curricular activity. This has been proved in Oxfordshire, where sail training has improved such youths, to gain self-confidence through such experiences, improving their development in other ways.


Some of these already have sailing and rowing organisations within their campuses, and we anticipate we can attract to them to use the proposed facilities.


There are numerous organisations in the Vale of Glamorgan for the disabled, and those with special needs and some of them already travel to Cardiff to avail their members of Boating Experiences, and have confirmed they would much prefer to arrange such activities locally.
We are planning that we will develop the national


Scheme at Barry, similar to such a project at Weymouth.

There is also a national “


Scheme for the disabled, which we plan to include, when there are interested persons.


We envisage organisations such as the Amelia Trust will be interested in utilising the facilities to help to re-engage the young people in society.


The Barry Sea Scouts and the Barry Sea Cadets are already involved and are Founder Users of the waters. There are 36 other Scout and cadet groups who would like to include Boating activities in their training programme, and wish to use the facilities.


Within the VoG there are many youth clubs some of which will jump at the opportunity of being able to offer their members opportunities or Canoeing, rowing and sailing.


The RNLI have previously shown an interest in utilising the docks for training.
Other organisations which already utilise the docks for training are the POLICE, especially the Sub Aqua Team, and the FIRE BRIGADE, who practise with their pumps etc.


The local sailing clubs have difficulties with dinghy sailing when the tides are unsuitable, and some have registered an interest in utilising the facilities, especially, to train and teach the younger members and cadet members sailing.


In time with the suitable Instructors we would hope to allow the general public to experience water activities, and thereby boost the possible membership for the specialist clubs.
So the potential uses of such a facility as we see it, is enormous.


Our vision is to build an Iconic building located on the Mole.
We have already drawn up a provisional idea, which is based upon a Lighthouse, with a viewing tower able to keep a watch on all sections of the water. Also providing a prodigious building which is visible from around the town.

  • The facilities we have already indicated to ABP, we anticipate could extend over a large part of the Mole.
  • The proposed main building will have a glass Atrium, with Office, Reception, Staff Facilities. And lift for the disabled.
  • 4 separate changing rooms each with showers and toilets
  • 12 Stores mainly for the Users
  • On the 1st floor are two teaching rooms, kitchen and unisex toilets, a café with windows to view the activities.
  • Externally we require Pontoons, Launching ramps, and Moorings
  • Boat Storage Areas, with a Boat Hoist,
  • A disabled hoist to enable severely handicapped people to get into craft.
  • Parking for Cars, Minibuses and coaches.
  • Boat Repair workshops, Electricity and Water outlets.
  • Accommodation Block for overnight regattas etc. and Camping Area.