50/50 Club

What is the 50/50 Club?

The 50/50 club helps us to raise the much needed funds for the development and ongoing running of BCWAC.

To assist in raising funds we are organising a monthly Prize Draw, we are calling the BCWAC 50/50 CLUB   and we hope you will be able and willing to support us.
The SCHEME details are as follows:

  • Each member pays a fixed amount (minimum £5.00) each month by Bank Standing Order or an annual payment (minimum £60.00) by cheque.
  • On the second Thursday of each month a prize draw is held.
  • The winnings will total 50% of the monthly income i.e. monies paid into the 50/50 scheme.  The winnings will be broken down into 3 payments:
  • 1st Prize           25%
  • 2nd  Prize        15%
  • 3rd Prize          10%

The remaining 50% will be held by the Charity and used towards the development and running of the Centre.

The donation could then attract the Tax refund for those who pay tax. On the, application form the if you are a UK tax payer, and they are willing for us to reclaim the tax on the £2.50 donation, please tick the box.

How do I join?

Download the  application form and return it to the Treasurer.

For further details please contact info@bcwac.org.uk



Congratulations to the first winners of the 50/50 club whose names were picked from the hat, a nice payout in time for Christmas.

1st P.Walters
2nd B.Ellard
3rd K.Williams